Out of Tension, Fire and Light


Through both my life and my artistic practice, the last year has been a period of powerful change and transformation. Inseparable as these two aspects of an artists life are, I am excited to share the resulting works.

In addition to new body of work representative of this period, I’m extremely pleased to announce that I’ve been invited to join Blackfish Gallery in Portland, OR. Blackfish Gallery is one of the oldest cooperative art galleries in America, and includes some of the most talented artists in Portland.

My first show At Blackfish, Wavering Tension and Impressions of Light will open January 4th, and I hope you’ll join me at the First Thursday opening.  

Additionally, I’ll be creating a new installation for the 2024 Portland Winter Light Festival, and looking forward to sharing more information about it in the near future.

Look forward to seeing you in January!

Noah Alexander Isaac Stein


My first show at Blackfish Gallery, Wavering Tension and Impressions of Light will open January 4th and run until February 3rd. Focusing on a new body of work, the show will highlight the role of pressure and tension in the emergence of spiritual experience. In addition to the work below, there will be several brand new piece that will be shown for the first time. 

I hope you’ll join me for the opening reception on First Thursday from 5 PM – 8 PM at 938 NW Everett St. Refreshments will be provided.



Im also excited to be part of the Portland Winter Light Festival again! For 2024 I’ll be creating a 40 ft glowing ghost net leviathan at Blackfish Gallery this February, as well as organizing an accompanying group show, “Illuminations”. Additionally, in case you missed it, I’ll be reopening my 2023 installation, Disgorged by the Ocean into Liminal Brightness (pictured) at East Creative Collective. Expect more news soon.