Artist’s Statement

My art is foremost a communicative process, a method of bridging the space between the viewer and the shared psychological wilderness beyond the conscious mind. This delicate spiritual terrain is navigated as a component of both viewers’ and the artist’s experience; a continuum that begins in the ritual excitation of states ecstatic despair and culminates in purposeful missives that speak in the language of dreams and archetypes.

Through the symbolical resonance of myth, the outpourings of trance states are given forms that act as way-posts for explorations of mental spaces that are, by their nature, ephemeral. The result is a processes of delicate oil-painting combined with frenzied applications of translucent impasto that transform two-dimensional images into luminescent, semi-sculptural fever dreams. Visions of change, death, and transcendence are given life with a unity of opposites which underscores their implicit subjects.

As a further guide to these nebulous spaces of spirit, larger works are accompanied by written pieces which offer viewers an additional avenue of approach. The focus however is neither in explaining art, nor in illustrating ideas; it is in providing multiple pathways, that rather than overtake each other, instead cascade, together, towards a singular destination.