Project Overview

It is my firm belief that the most transcendental truths can not be approached directly, but rather like the blinding light of the sun, must instead be communicated through mediums of varying transparency and opaqueness. While the medium of writing is often treated as the foremost means of transmitting ideas, when the subjects are as ephemeral as death, transformation, and the shifting of consciousness, the word is often overtaken by the symbolic resonance of image and feeling. Understanding that is to successfully pierce the walls of consciousness must find circuitous routes to avoid the well-worn pathways of the mundane. The focus of my work then is neither in explaining art, nor in illustrating ideas; it is rather in presenting the subjects in multiple mediums to guide the viewer. Neither form of communication should overtake the other in the mind of the listener, but rather they should be allowed to cascade, each over the other, out of their wells of ecstatic trance, towards their singular destination.